Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Market Trip+Free Drinks=Comment Sale with Sew Adorable


   Last month I joined some friends for a weekend shopping trip to America's Mart in Atlanta. It was such a fun trip. It was interesting to see all of the lastest products that will be gracing the shelves of gift shops and boutiques in the upcoming year.

   My friend Jennifer and I arrived on Friday and joined her friends Deb and Charlotte which had been there since Thursday. The hotel was great, the service was great, the food was great........and the free drinks were great! That is where the real story begins.... Anyone who knows me knows that I do not drink a lot or very often at all. I will have an occasional fruity drink or a Corona with lime when I eat chips and salsa. I guess I fit into the category of "I love Jesus and I drink a little".

     Friday was a good day of familiarizing ourselves with the layout of the enormous buildings with floors and floors of wonderful things. No purchases that day other than a turkey sandwich and a Coke Zero.

    Saturday morning began with a biscuit from Chick-fil-a and a big'ole cup of coffee. That afternoon, the "parties" inside the private showrooms began. They had the same things in them that had been there the day before. However, this time, the were handing out FREE margaritas in light up LED glasses. Did I mention they were free? Yes, FREE! Wellllllll.......3 "free" drinks later and the spending begins. I ordered blankets, bags, bags, more bags, picnic stuff and some aprons. They were cute then and they are cute now, but I MUST get them out of my house and the money back into my bank account.

Those "free" drinks turned out to be "expensive" drinks after all.... lol!

    Tonight I will be having a comment Sale on Facebook with a friend of mine. I have shared the link at the top of the page. She has cute stuff regularly and has an enormous following on facebook, over 4000 fans. Be sure to "like" Sew Adorable on Facebook and be sure to tell her I sent you. The sale starts at 7pm CST tonight, August 23rd. Hope you can join us and help me get these fabulous items out of my house. It's really really cute stuff.

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  1. I can't wait to see what all is offered!!!